Rocket Launcher

Due to the restrictions of macOS Recovery, you cannot double click to open a file under PE.

When you want to open a file, you need to launch the corresponding application via the launcher.

For instance, you need to open PlistEdit Pro first to edit a property list file.

Next you need to click the File >> Open menu to choose the file you want to open in the dialog.

Overall, this is too inconvenient and time-consuming, so...

Now we are glad to introduce the Rocket Launcher embedded in the latest FireWolf OS X PE.

It is a mini file launcher, providing an alternative way to open files.

Rocket Launcher supports running in smart auto mode and manual mode.

You can easily switch the mode by double clicking the rocket icon on the main panel.As you can see the screen shot above, there is a traffic light icon shown on the rocket.

The traffic light indicates that the launcher is operated in manual mode, and vice versa.

You can simply drag-and-drop files on the rocket icon.

Under the smart auto mode, Rocket Launcher automatically finds the corresponding application and tries to open your file.

If Rocket Launcher fails to find an application to open your file, a dialog shows up and asks you to manually choose an application.

Under the manual mode, Rocket Launcher asks you to choose an application for every dragged file.

Please note that Rocket Launcher is still under beta testing.

We cannot guarantee that it can open every files properly.

In addition, it does not support opening a folder or an application.

If Rocket Launcher fails to open your files, you can try the method mentioned at the beginning of this section.

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