Chapter 2 Preparation

FireWolf OS X PE is packed and distributed as an disk image. You need to restore it on a local storage before using it.

FireWolf OS X PE can be booted from a local hard drive, a memory card, a thumb drive or a portable hard drive.

Before you restore the disk image, please make sure that you have verified the SHA256 hash.

File name of the disk image Description
Boot.FireWolf.OS.X.PE.9.0.wClover.ProPlus-Zlib.dmg Clover bootloader and utilities included
Boot.FireWolf.OS.X.PE.9.0.ProPlus-Zlib.dmg Clover bootloader excluded but utilities included
Boot.FireWolf.OS.X.PE.9.0.Pro-Zlib.dmg Clover bootloader and utilities excluded

Please prepare your drive and backup your data.

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