Chapter 1 Introduction

>> What is FireWolf OS X PE?

FireWolf OS X PE, also known as Mac PE, is an enhanced macOS Recovery, providing native support for accessing files on HFS and APFS formatted partitions. Applications and maintenance kits embedded in PE provide you a chance to transfer personal data, restoring from backups, repairing disk permissions and more when your main system won't boot. FireWolf OS X PE supports both genuine Mac and Hackintosh systems.

>> Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is safe! It does not include any virus, malicious softwares and backdoors.

>> Where can I download it?

We strongly encourage you to download it from our official websites and certificated mirrors. Always check the MD5 and SHA256 hashes of your downloaded image.

>> Which version should I download?

There are two major versions available now.

The first one has Clover bootloader embedded and is recommended for those who are not famillar with Hackintosh. We recommend you to replace the bootloader configuration file config.plist with yours, so that it works better for your own computer.

The other one does not include the Clover bootloader and is recommended for those who have genuine Macs or are familliar with Hackintosh.

>> Why this? Do we really need it?

Well, that depends on your point of view.

Apple's native Recovery HD is not that useful. You can only restore from an existing Time Machine backup or reinstall macOS online. You need to type Unix commands, such as cp and mv, if you want to copy or transfer files from other partitions. Most of you are not programmer and therefore may not feel comfortable with command line interfaces.

Some of you may have used tools like MacDrive and Paragon HFS+ before to access files under Windows, but those tools are pricy and not that reliable. Lost files and damaged partitions are really catastrophic, so that's the initial goal of the first version of FireWolf OS X PE, providing native macOS environment (by adding Finder its required libraries) to transfer files.

Now that APFS is used by default in the latest macOS High Sierra and is not accessible via the BootCamp utilities, its time for a new FireWolf OS X PE to debut.

Compared to a fully installed macOS system, PE is still lack of many functionalities, such as running an application with XPC helpers. You may choose to install a secondary macOS on another partitions for backup, or keep an copy of FireWolf OS X PE on your thumb drive. It always depends on your requirements.

Your data is valuable and we both hope you don't lose them. That's always the aim of FireWolf OS X PE.

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