FireWolf OS X PE 9

A powerful Recovery alternative designed for macOS users.

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FireWolf OS X PE is created upon macOS Recovery, providing native support for accessing files on HFS/APFS formatted partitions. Applications and maintenance kits embedded in PE provide you a chance to transfer personal files, restoring from backups, repairing disk permissions and more when your main system won’t boot.

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Highlighted Features


More than twenty utilities are embedded in the latest macOS PE, providing comprehensive support for maintenance your system.


FireWolf MultiApp Launcher now supports apps management, so you can import apps on the fly without modifying the boot image directly.


The redesigned launcher now provides a more intuitive and elegant user interface, allowing you arrange and categorize apps freely.


Introduce the Rocket Launcher, a mini file launcher embedded in PE. Now you can open files with drag-and-drop easily. Give it a shot!

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